Have you ever looked in the mirror, and thought ‘Hmmm, my teeth aren’t looking quite as good as they could’? If you have, we’re here to help..

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of perfecting, or creating attractive beautiful smiles. Life Care Dental Clinic is recognized for creating Esthetic Smiles using Dental Veneers, full ceramic crowns (Metal Free) made of Lava Ceramics, IPS E MAX or on a CAD CAM using Zirconia and nano composites. Once the hallmark of the stars, the rich, and the famous, this technology is now easily accessible to each one of us.

Conditions that require for Cosmetic treatmentIt includes the following procedures

» Smile Designing

» Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

» Tooth Jewellery

» Crown & Bridges

» Laminates & Veneers – for Gap (space) closure & treatment of broken front teeth, dark tooth etc.

» Composite Fillings (White) – for Gap (space) closure & treatment of broken front teeth, dark tooth etc.

» Treatment of gummy smile (Crown lengthening)

» Teeth Contouring and Reshaping


Gap Closure

Many a times you must have wished those awful looking gaps in between your front teeth should disappear. Now your wishes are turning into reality. Gaps between teeth can efficiently be closed in either 1 or 2 sittings with a non invasive & conservative approach. No crown or caps are required to close these gaps.



Composites Fillings (Tooth Colour/White Fillings)

For all those suffering from a dental decay, dental white filling (Composite) is a boon. It fills the cavity improving the aesthetics of the mouth to a great extent.

The cavity can be caused due to several reasons such as excessive consumption of sweets, tooth-grinding or even nail biting.

Various types of fillings are available such as silver amalgam and white filling. The most common among them is the white filling as it is cost effective, matches the teeth colour, durable and easily available. Dental white filling doesn’t take much time and it is painless.

Silver Amalgam Filling Composite Filling

Treatment of Broken Teeth








Teeth are one of the strongest parts of the human body. Teeth can break due to falling, someone hitting them directly with force and cavities can weaken them resulting in their breakage.

Depending on the severity of the breakage, dentist decides the treatment modalities to be used. Most often broken/fractured teeth can be efficiently restored with the newer tooth colored material & bonding technique. The same shade also can be obtained as of the natural teeth without any demarcation line. Veneers are also used to give teeth the original shape.

If the breakage or chipping is severe root-canal is the best available option.

Treatment of Gummy Smile (Crown Lengthening)

Gum contouring is the technique of getting rid of the ‘gummy smile’. A person has a ‘gummy smile’ if their gums are either too low or too high with respect to their teeth. This defect in the gums is either from birth or can be a result of side-effect from a certain prescription drug.

If the gums are too high they make the teeth appear very short in length spoiling the smile. This may also lead to other teeth problems.

Gum contouring uses either scalpel or laser technology to trim off the excess gum that has captured the teeth. Many people think gum contouring to be painful and costly affair.

However with the use of laser technology it is not painful procedure anymore and the loss of blood is also reduced to a great extent.

The cost of the contouring depends on the extent to which the gums are uneven. Gum contouring helps restoring the glamorous smile back on a person’s face.


Teeth Contouring and Reshaping