Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Many people, who get unfortunately involved in an accident, sustain injuries, lose their teeth or have teeth that are severely decayed, deteriorated and cause any pain in the jaws; need to avail the services of a well known dental surgeon and get a full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation performed.

Do I need to reconstruct or rehabilitate my Jaw?
If you have sustained any injury or are undergoing any problems during speech or consumption of food, it is first recommended that you visit a general dentist who will be able to conduct a comprehensive check of your jaw and understand the problem. They will be able to determine if the issue lies in your teeth, gum tissue, jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints or if there is a cosmetic problem with your teeth. Based on his findings, he will be able to refer you to an expert in cosmetic dentistry if needed.

Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Procedures
The procedures to reconstruct and rehabilitate your jaws or teeth quintessentially involve techniques that help restore your teeth and rebuilding of your gum tissues for the purpose of achieving healthier teeth and gums.

These procedures help in correcting all jaw problems, restoration of gums and making them much healthier. These procedures also involve the removal and repositioning of teeth for more comfort during chewing, effective speech and to enhance one’s overall aesthetical appearance.

Some of the most common procedures that are performed by dental experts for the benefit of your mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation are:

1. Crowns

2. Bridges

3. Veneers

4. Tooth reshaping

5. Gum contouring,

6. Extractions

7. Root Canal Treatment

8. Orthodontic braces etc

Keep in mind that most of these procedures can be rather expensive, and may require multiple visits to the dental clinic. You must also be prepared to maintain it and invest time and money in its care after you have undergone the procedure.